Launch Of “Mad Heaven – The Biography Of Tan Sri Dr. M. Mahadevan”  

Good evening friends.

For a man who has led a remarkable life, it is only fitting that his life story be shared with all. I am very happy to be here this beautiful evening to celebrate the launch of “Mad Heaven – The Biography of Tan Sri Dr. M. Mahadevan” and to pay a special tribute to a truly remarkable man.

  1. He is a man who has touched my life and that of my family, as I’m sure he has touched almost everyone here, in delightful ways.
  2. In all the years that I have known Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan, he has demonstrated qualities of a kind and giving individual, dedicated to serving his community, particularly in the field of psychiatry. He has devoted decades of his life to the rehabilitation of emotionally and psychologically disturbed persons in our community, and in doing so is widely and justifiably recognized as the “father” of modern psychiatry in Malaysia. He has also done his utmost to secure the cooperation and interest of the public on mental health and to break down public prejudices and fear targeted at mental illness.
  3. Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan showed determination and unwavering commitment to bring about unprecedented changes and advancements in the field of psychiatry. His “hypnosis” feat in the UK put Malaysia on the world map in the field of medical science at a time when modern psychiatry was still at its infancy.
  4. He conceived and created the Malaysian Psychiatric Association for the Promotion of Mental Health and the Re-entry Association for the Emotionally Disabled in Malaysia. He also paved the way for the creation of “Riding for the Disabled” and is the Chairman of the Malaysian Paralympic Equestrian Committee.
  5. He was not swayed by criticism or condemnation on his unconventional ideas to achieve his goals. The success of the Madhuban Home and the Halfway Home in Tambun Heights is an eloquent reminder of Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan’s distinction in his field.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

  1. In our continuous progress towards becoming a fully developed nation, one challenge that we face is that of establishing a caring society and a caring culture. Each and every one of us bears the responsibility to inculcate the fundamental principle of compassion and respect in our society, particularly to those less fortunate than us.
  2. Tan Sri Dr. Mahadevan embodies this responsibility and passion for public service and humanity at large. He is truly a compassionate benefactor, an erudite councilor and a true giver in the finest sense of the words. I regard him with the utmost respect.
  3. I am delighted, therefore that his biography is written. I have always believed in the importance of historical record. And the life events of this interesting and enigmatic gentleman are definitely worth remembering. Contained within this book I am told is the story of Tan Sri Dr. M. Mahadevan: events as he saw them, felt them, reacted to them. I am certain that it will be a tremendous source of inspiration to its readers. I am sure also that as the biography of a man born in colonial Malaya, who amidst interesting life experiences, rose to become a renowned psychiatrist cum avid equestrian, it will equally be a source of great entertainment!
  4. It is now with great pleasure that I officially launch “Mad Heaven – The Biography of Tan Sri Dr. M. Mahadevan”. I am looking forward to a very good read as I am sure are all of you.

Thank you.

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