Launch Of The Accreditation Ceremony Of The First Group Of Public Relations Professionals

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I am pleased to be here this evening. I am pleased also that today the first group of forty six Malaysian Public Relations professionals will be awarded their accredited status.

  1. Following what can be regarded as business failings of once highly respected companies, there is now greater pressure for increased corporate governance. Companies are expected to be more transparent, socially-responsible and accountable. The market demands that organisations be forthcoming with information. To present information in a manner than is truthful and unambiguous.
  2. “Relationship-building” is no longer enough, and has been superseded by “trust-building”. Trust will guarantee the longevity of meaningful relationships between organisations and their relevant publics. – And trust can only be inculcated by a communication system based on truth and integrity.
  3. Preserving trust among the public, maintaining good relationships with the media and developing a long term corporate disclosure framework requires competence, the right skills and attitudes, and sound knowledge.
  4. I am delighted to note that two former IPRM Presidents are contributing immensely to the Public Relations body of knowledge with the publication of their books: “The History of IPRM” by Prof. Datuk Dr Syed Arabi Idid and “Government Public Relations: Personality, Persuasion and Power” by Prof. Dato Hj Hamdan Hj Adnan. These books, which will be launched later this evening, document the development and distinctively unique practices of Public Relations in Malaysia. Congratulations to the authors.
  5. The practice of Public Relations in Malaysia is unique because we in Malaysia are unique. We operate in a pluralistic society that appreciates and celebrates each other’s diversity. In a world divided by diverse beliefs and lines of faith, only effective communication can bridge the gulf.
  6. During her recent visit to Malaysia, Mrs. Cherie Blaire expressed her esteem and admiration for our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual communities complementing one another to achieve and maintain economic prosperity and political stability. We are in a position to be an example to the rest of the world. The Public Relations industry in Malaysia can help nurture and propagate the development of values such as mutual respect and tolerance; and disseminate the story of harmony in diversity. Public Relations specialists can play an active role in spreading the message of peace and making heard the voice of moderation.
  7. I congratulate the forty six deserving Accredited Public Relations professionals who will be presented with their certificates shortly. Congratulations also to IPRM on making this Accreditation exercise a reality. As with any certification programme, quality must always take precedence over quantity. It is imperative to maintain high standards in the evaluation process. This will render value to the certification and help to further elevate the stature of the profession in Malaysia.

Thank you.


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