Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) Annual General Meeting

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Salam Sejahtera

Beta bersyukur ke hadrat ILAHI kerana dengan izin dari Nya juga, Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan Persekutuan Hoki Malaysia dapat dilangsungkan pada petang ini. Beta menghargai kehadiran para ahli.

2. The past year has been a challenging and an active one. When assuming the role of President, I took in hand the task of dealing with many challenges. It has been a very stimulating experience and what has been achieved thus far is most encouraging.

3. In my short term as President of the Malaysian Hockey Federation, my main concern has been to improve administration and continue to practice a culture of openness, transparency, consultation and that we adhere to and abide by the rules of our Constitution as well as the rules set out by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), the office of the Sports Commissioner, the National Sports Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. With the support of the Malaysian Sports Council, the post of General Manager has been created to oversee the daily running of the MHF office and MHF activities. It is also my priority in my one term with the MHF to chart a long term vision for the Federation and the sport of hockey in Malaysia. To date the Management Committee has put together a document titled ‘Wawasan Hoki Negara’ which is in the process of being fine – tuned and will be circulated in due time. This document sets out our vision, goals and aspirations to ensure that we are all on the same page, working together to build a team not only of players, but of management, coaches, umpires and supporters with one purpose, one mind, one common resolve.

4. This year saw the formation of the new Malaysian Hockey Confederation. This joint hockey body between the Malaysian Hockey Federation and the Malaysian Women’s Hockey Association (MWHA) was formed to comply with the International Hockey Federation (FIH) ruling. The MHC Constitution has been approved by the Sports Commissioner. In doing so, we have had to make amendments to the MHF Constitution which has been approved by the Sports Commissioner. Also a new Malaysian Hockey Confederation Protem Committee has been established and an AGM will be held in the near future. It is now time to move forward and work together as one, to take the sport of hockey in Malaysia to greater heights.

5. In this past year we have also focused on increasing our funds through financial sponsorship to help us better carry out planned activities. We have worked hard and broken ground in securing sponsorship from various parties, and I am confident that the financial standing of the MHF will continue to improve in the years to come.

6. Emphasis has been placed on improving the standard of hockey in Malaysia. Development Programmes, Coaching and Instructors’ Courses and Umpires’ and Managers’ Seminars have been carried out throughout the year with the aim of bettering skills and improving the quality of hockey within the country. It is my hope that these programmes continue, and where necessary, improved upon to address current needs. With hockey identified as a core sport, all stakeholders must always remain actively involved in its betterment and take full advantage of the development programmes already put in place.

7. In the past year, the MHF, through its affiliates, has organised and participated in various tournaments locally and internationally. The Junior Hockey League, the Malaysian Hockey League and the 43rd Tun Abdul Razak Cup were successfully concluded. We encountered problems but we are not discouraged by them. On this note I would like to urge officials and affiliates to always honour and uphold the spirit of integrity and honesty. We derive pride in victory and success only if it is achieved with honour and integrity. I am happy to note that we have witnessed great sportsmanship and a marked improvement in skills during these tournaments.

8. Malaysian hockey continues to make a name for itself in the international scene. We continued to participate in and organise various major tournaments, namely the 6 – Nation Men’s Junior Invitational Tournament 2005, the 14th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2005 and the Junior World Cup. Our players have also participated in various international tournaments in Belgium, New Zealand, Poland, Australia, Singapore and Japan. I would like to commend players, coaches, managers and everyone else involved who have worked very hard and played well in these tournaments. You have been part of an important effort to make Malaysian hockey of world-class standard. At present we are preparing the Malaysian squad for the Commonwealth Games, the Asian Games and the World Cup Qualifiers.

9. While much has been emphasised on the performance of players, the support system that lies in the background is the instrument that provides the foundation to the overall team. At the end of the day, it is the quality of the leadership that will determine the future of the Federation and the level of hockey that is played in Malaysia. It is my hope that the efforts and vision of the current administration will be carried through by the next. The challenges we have managed to confront in the past year demonstrate our ability to overcome difficulties and move forward. From the very day I took office, I was clear that I was not going to stay long in this position. The best is for me to assume the shortest term possible. When the time comes for me to hand over the Presidency, I am confident that capable and competent leadership will be present to take over.

  1. In charting our future, let us focus on the big picture – sport is a nation-building tool – bringing people from all walks of life together. It inculcates self confidence, a sense of nationhood, pride and patriotism. Sports is also an avenue to implant the values of hard work, discipline and the ability to win with humility and to accept defeat gracefully and with a determination to do better.
  2. In order to fulfil the vision of the Malaysian Hockey Federation, the effort, time, energy and support of each member here today is very much needed. Our aspirations, hopes and efforts should be in line with the Federation’s goals and vision to raise the stature of Malaysian hockey both locally and internationally. It takes discipline, sacrifice, dedication and oneness to see this vision through. If we the administration and supporters of Malaysian hockey are able to put aside our differences and work together in a positive and constructive way, we will be a source of motivation and strength to the coaches, managers and most importantly the players.

12. Adalah menjadi hasrat Beta supaya perbincangan dan perjalanan mesyuarat Agung Persekutuan Hoki Malaysia dapat dilangsungkan dalam semangat terbuka dan berterus terang. Setiap pendapat dan pandangan adalah penting untuk disuarakan demi kebaikan dan kemajuan hoki. Beta menzahirkan ucapan terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang telah membantu Beta dan MHF terutama sekali kepada Kementerian Belia dah Sukan, kerajaan- kerajaan negeri, Majlis Sukan Negara, Majlis- majlis sukan negeri, pihak berkuasa tempatan dan ahli gabungan dalam tempoh masa satu tahun Beta memimpin Persekutuan Hoki Malaysia. Semoga mesyuarat yang berlangsung pada hari ini akan dapat menghasilkan rumusan dan keputusan yang membayangkan semangat persepakatan kita yang padu untuk kemajuan hoki di negara ini.

Wabillahi Taufik, Walhidayah

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


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