Book Launch – ‘Trying Times Amid Tumult And Trauma’ by Professor Tan Sri Lin See-Yan

The times we live in are certainly tumultuous, and they are highly traumatic for many. Devastating climate-related events are occurring ever more frequently; glaring inequalities of income and wealth are increasing, undermining the gains that have been made against poverty in recent decades; and old and new wars in the Middle East and elsewhere rumble … Read full speech

Book Launch of “Turbulence in Trying Times: What are we to do ?” by Tan Sri Lin See-Yan

Ladies and Gentlemen :   I am delighted to have been invited once again to launch a book published by Tan Sri Lin. I am even more delighted that another volume of his excellent and enlightening essays is being published. This will complement and extend the considerable weight of insight and knowledge contained in the … Read full speech